A sustainable action seeks to minimize the environmental impact of buildings improving efficiency in the use of local and ecofriendly materials, renewable energy and development space, insuring that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations. This conscious approach makes point of the building’s life-cycle, considering every project phase: from the use of selected materials to the construction, from the maintenance to the dismissal of the building with the components’ re-use .
We consider highly sustainable every action which has a conscious sustainable approach, employs recycled or reused materials, its life cycle is conceived in every phase, settles into a site that has to be regenerated and does not change permenently the place. The mark “medium sustainability” is given to every project which lacks some of the previous features; an action defined by only a couple of the previous adjectives is considered low sustainaible. “Ø” (no sustainability) is given to researches without sustainable aims or  projects that can not be analyze from a sustainable point of view.



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