Social network

The use of social networks like Facebook, blogs or video channels like YouTube or Vimeo has highly increased during the last years. They are used as exchange platforms connecting a variety of users; considered useful tools in order to achieve a big number of feedbacks and comments, social networks promote the creation of an active community. They are catalysts for the projects to get visibility and participation without restrictions.
We gave “high social network” to projects that need the web to let te project exist. When blogs, website and so on are the instrument to communicate the evolutions of actions, to invite to events that take place in the site, we decided to rate “medium social network”. When Projects and projectists have got just an up to date website about, and they interact with people by social networks as Facebook or Flickr, but there is no real need for the porpous of the project to have website interaction, we call it “low social network. In the end “no social network” is given when any kind of information is online.


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