La Scatola di Legno

La Scatola di Legno

A private space can go back to be a public one and opened to the people: the reactivation of this interesting ruined complex starts in July 2014 thanks to three creative guys, who worked hard to transform it into something that can really be part of the city. Cascina Martesana is situated in Milan, (Italy), in the middle of Martesana Park and next to Naviglio Piccolo.

Thanks to the meeting with Cascina Martesana, collACTION blog can concretely experiment the research themes on collective experiences setting up a temporary wooden structure which will give special value to the inner courtyard and will host the social activities until the Cascina’s restoration will be completed.

The woodbox is provided with an equipped wall with mobile devices which let the space to be flexible and multifunctional (lab, workshop space, market, relax), so that different atmospheres are created. Part of the facade can be reversed, turning the structure into a living stage ready for new shows.

Once the structural elements are built up, a spring workshop will be opened to the community to complete and custom the project!

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