#ColLab: Pensiero Felice

#ColLab: Pensiero Felice


Place: Lodi, Milan, Sicily (Italy)
Date: 2012 – ongoing 
Time: 3 days 
Space: Chill-out area 
Cost: —
Public actors: —.
Private actors: Pensiero Felice 


Everyone have, or would like to have, a “Pensiero Felice” ( an Happy Thought) which touches lightly our minds. Pensiero Felice takes shape from the idea of creating a movement of people who think positive and organize themselves in a common mindset. Thanks to this spirit, the group has given life to the Tisaneria-Narghileria project, a shared place in which everyone can chill-out and drink a good tea or juice. The project is a self-built experience so successful thanks to the flexibility of the elements which is composed by, and to its capability to adapt to a variety of places and situation creating each time different atmospheres.


Here the Gallery



Here the streaming session of the talk (@ColLAB, #nevicata14LAB, Expo Gate, Milan):