#ColLab: Paesaggio ai margini

#ColLab: Paesaggio ai margini

Place: Milan (Italy)
Date: July 2013 
Time: — 
Space: Urban Gardens 
Cost: —
Public actors: Politecnico di Milano.
Private actors: citizens, Francesca Cazzaniga 


Paesaggio ai margini (Threshold Landscape) is a research Bachelor Thesis Project by Francesca Cazzaniga. It is a diary about the boundaries between the city and the countryside, trying to describe the phenomenon of Urban Agriculture in the city of Milan.
Urban Agriculture is the spreading of cultivated lands through the city. More than food production, it leads new forms of coexistence and becomes fertilizer of human relationships.
It can be intended as a rural claim, as anti-urban practice which is going to criticize the organization of the city, but at the same time it can not forget its being urban.
Many public spaces are felt by the people as something anonymous: community gardens are an appropriation of these places, which are often abandoned and forgotten by the dominant tought.


Here is the Gallery


Here the ISSUU Doc: http://issuu.com/francescacazzaniga/docs/paesaggio_ai_margini

Here the streaming session of the talk (@ColLAB, #nevicata14LAB, Expo Gate, Milan):