#colLAB @ #nevicata14LAB : Final Report

#colLAB @ #nevicata14LAB : Final Report

Finally, here we are!

After having spent the awesome month of #nevicata14LAB at Expo Gate, this is the time to collect all the experiences which have been shared together.

collACTION and #nevicata14LAB opened a call for students and recently graduates to promote fresh and different points of view and innovative works that aim for reactivation, requalification and new approaches to public space: examples of different means of urban-social welfare, bottom-up initiatives dealing with the relation between space and society.

All the submitted #colLAB projects have been presented at Expo Gate side by side with all professionists we have invited to have a public talk about their work. Everyday the palimpsest was so rich and it gathered together many different realities that shared their approaches to public space.

Check out all the projects here, or following the hashtag #nevicata14COLLAB

** Architettura Processo  Interazione by Matteo Rapini

** Esercizi di Spazi by Martina Genovesi and Carla Motola

** Socially Engaged Urban Practices by Chiara Cicchianni and Giulia Vergassola

** Eterea New Urban Wifi Landscape by Yulya Besplemennova

** Ibtasem * Smile by CatalyticAction

** Paesaggio ai margini by Francesca Cazzaniga

** IncrediMill! by Viola Petrella

** Pensiero Felice

** #Keepitreal by Emanuele Moro and Davide Rizzi

** B’Gods by Daniela Silva

** Innesti by Cilento LabScape

** Decoding Cities by Grassroots

…and our talk about collACTION :)