#ColLAB: #Keepitreal

#ColLAB: #Keepitreal

Place: Milan, (Italy)
Date: February 2015 
Time: two weeks 
Space: Public space. 
Cost: —
Public actors: Politecnico di Milano.
Private actors: citizens, Emanuele Moro, Davide Rizzi 


The aim of the MIAW workshop was to co-design the public space with local users and other actors. the project site was via padova: we worked in loco in order to have rapid feedbacks and day-to-day experiences. we produced a big model of via padova and we showed it in the public exhibition of the projects that politecnico set up. we then gave via padova’s users 3 coloured wires representing 3 themes (sport, culture and food) and asked them to create their thematic path by linking the several un-used and under-used spaces around via padova’s model. a tools box and an initiatives box were also provided, allowing people to place the “things” they wanted where they wanted, in order to create kind of a custom made public space.

there’s an abandoned open-air swimming pool, what do you want it to become? a swimming pool, an open-air cinema, a music space?

our purpose was to express that planners design things to make people happy, nobody wants to impose projects on people. the result we got to is a model that can be used as a starting point for planners to design the public space according to what users actually wish.


Here is the gallery


Here the streaming session of the talk (@ColLAB, #nevicata14LAB, Expo Gate, Milan):