#ColLab: Innesti

#ColLab: Innesti


Place: Sapri, (SA), Italy
Date: May – December 2014 
Time: 7 months 
Space: Public space 
Cost: 2500€ 
Public actors: Municipality of Sapri, DiARC.
Private actors: Cilento LabScape, Recollocal, Colla, BAM!, The Fab Hub, Oltre il Muro, citizens 


The project is the result of the activation of a Living Lab by the degree thesis of Matteo, Simona and Giuseppe, as part of the university research project Cilento Labscape, and a network of local association and inhabitants, aimed to co-design and self-construct a “piazza” for a suburb of Sapri.
The process has articulate in 3 steps:

  1. Explore: analyzing the concept of public space within the local community, identifying stakeholders, mapping places and uses in order to understand the context;
  2. Co-design and co-evaluate: identifying user’s needs and preferences for building a new public space;
  3. Test: monitoring new uses and good governance processes.

The aim is to create a common space that would enable a social and territorial innovation process contributing to build a new sense of belonging and identity character by the interaction of different knowledge and synergy between inhabitants, associations, students, university and local municipality. Mobile furniture (platforms to connect buildings with the central area, benches to have rest and chat with neighbours, tables and stools to socialize), a small vegetable garden, a “painted carpet” made by kids, a parasite basketball net on the utility pole and a ping-pong table are the tools of the project that activated the regeneration process of the area and a new awareness of local potentials.








Here the streaming session of the talk (@ColLAB, #nevicata14LAB, Expo Gate, Milan):