#ColLAB: Ibtasem * Smile

#ColLAB: Ibtasem * Smile

Place: Bar Elias, Beqaa (Lebanon)
Date: December 2014.
Time: 10 months.
Space: Tented settlement.
Cost: 9,600$.
Public actors: —.
Private actors: people of settlement, Kayany Foundation, AUB, DaMove, Catalytic Action.


This project by CatalyticAction will see the production of a playground aimed at Syrian refugee children in Bar Elias, Lebanon; a region which is now hosting waves of informal tented settlements. Following the crisis in Syria, over 1.1 million refugees have fled to Lebanon; where the UNHCR predicts that, of these, over 600,000 are children. Despite some international efforts to deliver shelter, food and medication, there is still little done to tackle the psychological traumas that these children have experienced. We believe that a playground has the power to heal and help these children cope.
The playground has been designed with the input of the children themselves; having completed participatory exercises that allow them to express their own ideas and aspirations. The playground will be a space where these children can play, rest and feel happy. The playground has been designed so that it is modular and easily assembled, disassembled and reassembled; its design can be easily adapted to other space settings. The construction period will also include a design-build workshop, where students can come and support the project; raising awareness and catalysing change.


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