#ColLAB: Esercizi di Spazi

#ColLAB: Esercizi di Spazi

Place: Milan (Italy)
Date: ??
Time: one day events
Space: Public space
Cost: —
Public actors: Politecnico di Milano.
Private actors: citizens, Martina Genovesi, Carla Motola


This project by Martina Genovesi and Carla Motola aims to imagine new possible scenarios of Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, Milan, starting from the Design Studio “New Urban Scapes” in Politecnico di Milano. Esercizi di Spazi (Spatial Exercises) is presented as a directly learning process in the public space. First of all an on-site work introducing some simple spatial elements and gazing at the people-place interactions. After that a research has been realized through interviews with culturally different characters. A metaproject, between design and analysis, as an instrument of understanding the place and supporting possible future projects.


Prezi presentation

Here the streaming session of the talk (@ColLAB, #nevicata14LAB, Expo Gate, Milan):