#ColLab: Decoding Cities

#ColLab: Decoding Cities


Place: Lodi (Italy)
Date: May 2015 
Time: ongoing 
Space: Residual spaces, public space 
Cost: —
Public actors: —.
Private actors: Grassroots, citizens 


How do people build spaces? How spaces build people? From this theoretical question, Grassroots started our quest. They developed a project that aims to renew the way through people live the concept of citizenship. This design faces problems of marginality, through the deconstruction of these social phenomenons. The endeavor is made by four levels. The first is a network of billboards that function as a base of re-signification and re.use of spaces and objects. The second level is the creation of links between these permanent installations through the construction of thematic paths as a new way to live places (unconventional tourism, wellness promotion, identities re-negotiations). The third level is composed by “nomad living rooms” created by a reconfiguration of marginal spaces. These new meeting points will become the main joints of confrontation between various slices of the population. The fourth level is the creation of an online community capable of giving a further space of debate and feedbacks. These tools will establish a process of continues reinvention of the project itself through the needs expressed by the participants. We are fashioning instruments for a “grassroots” participation into the reshaping of the public space as a common social good.


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Here the streaming session of the talk (@ColLAB, #nevicata14LAB, Expo Gate, Milan):