#ColLAB: B’Gods

#ColLAB: B’Gods

Place: Lisbon (Portugal)
Date: 2013 
Time: — 
Space: Rooftops. 
Cost: —
Public actors: —.
Private actors: citizens. 


A neighborhood marked by the incoherence of the urban network, which does not blend with the pre-existing adjacent areas. Growing and developing in a detached manner, following a succession of constant searches for ways to satisfy the basic needs common to any human being. A constant struggle (just) to survive.
As in Marlow’s examination and identification of stages of growth in accordance with the humanist vision, this project aims to create a support base that eliminates some shortages by focusing on the heart of every question: survival.
The development of communal urban vegetable gardens will tackle not only issues related to subsistence but also the quest to maintain strong and dynamic social cohesion in its interior, which is also sustained by links with the outside. Located on the roofs of pre-existing, recovered and proposed buildings, the gardens will be connected in accordance with an aerial circuit.
The development of the dwelling spaces requires a controlled appropriation of space, particularly in the south of the neighborhood, which is empty and rundown. To this end, the proposal entails developing a group of structures that extend the outline of the nucleus, constituting the limit of growth. This process is given the name “Dwelling Incubation”.



Issuu Daniela Silva

Here the streaming session of the talk (@ColLAB, #nevicata14LAB, Expo Gate, Milan):